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Title: 8 days and 7 nights Taiwan free and easy tour

  • Author: Ken
  • Date: 2010-01-20 11:08:24
  • Popularity: 2334

Author: Ken    Date: 2010-01-05 10:29:58    Views: 309


[行程]8 days and 7 nights Taiwan free and easy tour

Good day.
My trip (two persons only) to Taiwan will be on 5th March till 12th March (8 days).

I have all informations about Taiwan places to visit but just don't know where to start first and also the following days.
Could you please give me some guidance so that I can plan my time also accommodations. For example, day1....., day2 ....... and etc. Any recommendation for the hotel to stay? I prefer 4 stars hotel.

With all valuable informations given, at least I know each places how long it will take to visit and how many days to stay.

May I know Alishan still worth to visit in March 2010? Otherwise I might be save the time to visit other places in Taiwan.

For your information, I will be arriving in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) on 5th March at 14:40hrs (2:40 PM) and will Depart Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) on 12th March at 15:55hrs (3:55 PM).

Thank you and much appreciate of the information given.






NO.1    Author: Godzilla    Date: 2010-01-05 16:34:29


Check out some earlier posts:

You could leave out Day 6 and Day 9 if you aren't really into the itinerary on those days.




Info on Taroko:
Some hiking routes are closed due to typhoon damages.

Some info on Alishan:

Alishan's Forest Railway is out of operation. Return date is yet to be announed.
I think you could spend more time at Taroko or eastern Taiwan instead of Alishan since some scenic sites are not open or not even fully restored yet.

Check out what's available in all regions in Taiwan:
Just click on a region and on the forward button at the bottom of the map and it'll give you major places of interest and related info. in that region.

Hotel research can be done here:

So basically you could spend 7-10 days easily in Taiwan depending on what you're looking for.

If you're into nature, Nantou County (Sun Moon Lake, Taroko, Jiji, Puli, Cingjing Farm, etc.), Chiayi County (Alishan, Yushan), and eastern Taiwan (such as Hualien and Taitung and even Yilan) would be good choices.

If you're more a city person, Taipei could take 4+ days. National Palace Museum's a must-see. Taipei 101 and it's surrounding area are also interesting to most tourists.

NO.2    Author: Ken    Date: 2010-01-08 15:47:18


Hi Godzilla,

Thank you so much for your reply and valuable information given.

Below is my plan for my 8 days 7 nights free and easy trip and please give your comments or suggestions if any:-

1)Day 1 ( Friday) and Day2 (Saturday)
- 2 nights stay at Taipei
- Places to visit – I will make an arrangement with local tourist bus for one day tour through the website http://www.taiwantourbus.com.tw/lang_en/tour_list.php?areaCate=7

2) Day3 (Sunday), Day4 (Monday) and Day5 (Tuesday)
- 3 nights stay at Kaohsiung
- Places to visit – I will make an arrangement with local tourist bus for one day tour through the website http://www.taiwantourbus.com.tw/lang_en/tour_list.php?areaCate=9
- Question  Since I’m stay in Kaohsiung, is there any arrangement for one day tour to Taichung (example to Sun Moon Lake) from Kaohsiung? Meaning departure and arrival from Kaohsiung instead of Taichung?

3) Day6 (Wednesday), Day7 (Thursday) and Day8 (Friday)
- 2 nights stay at Taipei
- Places to visit – I will make an arrangement with local tourist bus for one day tour through the website http://www.taiwantourbus.com.tw/lang_en/tour_list.php?areaCate=7

Further explorer:-
a) Any special events or happening on Saturday and Sunday as compare with weekdays? That’s why I reach here on Friday so that I won’t be miss out such interesting events or happening.

b) Where can I find the latest Taiwan events or activities calendar for the year 2010?

c) I like to visit a fruit farm (one of my favourite hot spot), do you have any idea where can I find such a tour especially in early March 2010?

Thank you.


NO.3    Author: Godzilla    Date: 2010-01-08 17:05:07


That's a good question. It seems that there's no tour package from Kaohsiung to Taichung. There is rental tour service. You get a van, a driver, and maybe even a guide. But it's usually for 5-9 persons and you could still rent and go by yourself if you had the money. Otherwise, I think you'd have to go by yourself or go to Taichung first and take the tour:

For the rest of your visits in major cities like Taipei or Kaohsiung, you don't have to use the bus tour if you're comfortable reading maps. Especially in Taipei, transportation are widely available and most are with English signs or English speaking drivers (able to communicate somehow).

This way, you could get to experience more of Taiwanese culture and take your time visiting. Of course if you feel more comfortable and secured travelling in a group, then bus tour's a good idea. You get to meet people and make new friends along the way. You also get inside information on the history and culture from the guide.

For weekend events in Taipei, you could visit:
Jianguo Holiday Jade Market and Flower Market

Of course pubs, clubs, night markets are busy on weekends.

You could try:
http://taiwan.net.tw/festival/ (more updated)

Famous strawberry picking in Dahu:
The event starts from the beginning of Dec. and ends around mid-April.

You can take TRA or bus to Miaoli Station and then transfer to Hsin Chu Bus bound for 卓蘭 (Zhuo Lan), and get off at 南湖國小 (Nan-hu Elementary School). Takes about 40 mins. Where you get off, there's a FamilyMart convenient store across the street. If you're not sure which direction to go, you could just go in there and ask anybody. Most people there will be strawberry pickers. Most farms are within 500m from the convenient store:

Here's some info on the bus:

Bus schedule:

Or you could take Hsin Chu Bus bound for Dahu and get off at the following stops:
汶水站, 法雲寺站, 大湖酒莊(活動中心)站.

Most starwberry farms are concentrated here (and the Nan-hu Elementary School stop area).

If you want to use taxi, remember to ask for meter or negotiate the price beforehand.

Although Dahu's the most famous place for picking strawberries, if you think Dahu's too far to go to, you could try Nei-Hu in Taipei. Most farms are on Bishan Rd. (碧山路38-49號之間五戶) and Dahu St. (大湖街137、206號). It's a bit more expensive than Dahu (maybe around NTD $200)

Here's a farm:
How to get there:
Take MRT and go to Kunyang Station. Exit 1 and cross the street to the bus stops. Take 小3 Bus (run by Southeast Bus: http://www.southeastbus.com/index.htm) bound for 翠柏新村(五指山). Tell the driver that you want to get off at 鄉村休閒農場 (country leisure farm). After getting off, turn right and walk downhill for approx. 300m and you'll see 鄉村休閒農場.

小3 route map on Southeast Bus page is incorrect.

Supposedly it'd be better to call and confirm if it's open for business before you go.

NO.4    Author: Godzilla    Date: 2010-01-08 17:07:43


By the way, you could ask your hotel about grape-picking. Not sure if March's the right time to do some picking, but maybe the hotel staff would be better informed.

NO.5    Author: Ken    Date: 2010-01-18 21:13:18


Hi Godzilla,

Once again thanks a lot for the guidance given.

Base on your reply above, in order for me to get the tour bus to Sun Moon Lake, I must get in to Taichung first right?

If that is the case, then could you please recommend which route is better for me to follow? Better in the sense of short distance, time saving, of course money saving as well:-

i) Taipei ---> Taichung ---> One day tour bus package to Sun Moon Lake
ii) Kaohsiung ---> Taichung ---> One day tour bus package to Sun Moon Lake

In your reply please include what is the public transport that I should take (I prefer MRT if it is available) and how long it will take to reach to the destination. Please take note that the tour bus will be take off from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake around 7.30am late by 8.30am.

Bare in mind that in my 8 days 7 nights trip to Taiwan, I only stay at two major places, which are Taipei and Kaohsiung. Therefore once I get down from the tour bus, I have to travel back to the hotel on my own either to Taipei or Kaohsiung.

Referring to the last line in your reply, what do you mean by grape-picking? Can you tell me more?

By the way, can we communicate through email which I think much more faster and easier? If yes, please reply your answer to my email address.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.


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Please leave any questions you have here so that other people can share, too.
By the way, your email's only for the site owner.   I'm just here to answer questions to my best.

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  • Author: lpm
  • Date: 2010-03-01 00:08:57

will be spending 10 days in taipei, is there a 3-day bus tour of taiwan outside the city that you recommend ?

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